Every blogger knows the king of On-Page SEO blogging. Because, without this valued element, they can’t get success. There are various on-page factors, which greatly improve your space. But if there have these gaps, a blogger never increases his blog traffic, authority. But if you think that, your blog is going to be zero to hero, then you’ll follow this text. Because here I discuss the foremost details of SEO. Just follow these and apply your blog. you’ll achieve success within a couple of days!

On-Page SEO Checklist

In reputable search engines like Google, Bing follows the quality of your website. If they found these in your blog, you’re successful. If you think that Google will find these quality things in your blog, just use the subsequent cheat sheet as your blogging success!

1. Write Long Articles for Reader

Every blogger knows that Quality Article is King. Without this valued thing, you never believe your ranking. If your blog has more articles with long content, it’s excellent news for you. Because Google gives you additional priority in their SERP.

If you would like to urge a top position in Google, just write more long article. But you want to write quite content from your competitors. Writing 1000+ words articles always be great.

But if your competitors write 1200 words, you want to write 1300 words to challenge them. Never write content for search engines. Only write for readers. which will bring much success and other people choose your blog.

2. Keep Keyword in Article Title

When the title of your post is nicely optimized can attract a reader. In fact, he is going to be impressed by your blog also. Always use a wonderfully optimized blog title for your readers and program. Keep keywords first within the title. But always use unique things in your title. Duplicate things always avoid for the health of your blog SEO. Use 50-60 characters in your post title which always great for ranking!

3. Excellent Meta Description

A reader’s first impression is your post description. due to, it increases your Click Through Rate (CTR) within the search result. within the recent updates, Google includes 320 characters within the meta description part. you want to not use quite 320 characters once you optimizing the outline. Write a brief and nice brief about your article within the description. Keep keywords for ranking fast and it’s a requirement. don’t use duplicate or copied descriptions. It can decrease your ranking and obtain penalties.

4. Optimized Post URL

Using ugly permalink never brings success in blogging. Using the simplest URL is that the best on-page SEO technique ever. Always keep your keywords within the post URL and avoid extra words. Make too short your article URL. which will double your ranking, traffic easily.

Now I sure that you simply understand the entire permalink matter in SEO.

5. Modifiers in Your Post Title

In this era, people wish to search using modifiers. Because it gives them accurate results. If you think that that, your blog post will get ranking fast, just use this easy trick. you’ll use a number of these semi-words to extend CTR.

In every post, you’ll use “best”, “review”, “2018” etc words.

That makes your post great and other people interest to click these articles. In fact, they can also read another post from your blog. Which is that the plus point of your blogging.

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6. Keep Post Title in H1 Tag

There have many tutorials about the Heading Tag. From H1 to H3 tag, everything is vital in your article. But you want to use the H1 tag in your content once. If you employ it twice, which will be bad for your blog’s health. Remember that the title of your blog post should always be H1. So, you are doing got to use this again. But you’ll use H2 to H6 tags again and again as need.

7. Drop Keyword in First 100 Words

To get the latest Google updates, we need to follow their special raking, reason. Because your reader’s first impression is your 1st paragraph of the post. If you retain the original summary together with your focus keyword, you’ll get ranking fast. Because Google choose this system and you want to follow it. Most of the successful bloggers, experts always recommended that for everyone’s blog. So, why not advance blogging?

8. Keyword in H2 Tag

Keeping your main keyword within the Heading Tag 2 is that the most vital. due to, it can improve your on-page value to look engine. you’ll use 2-3 or more H2 tags in every post. But if you think that that one is enough, that’s It’s still an excellent idea for yourself. It is not important to use it in your post. But it can give extra facilities for your readers to spot details.

9. Responsive Blog Design

There are many Google on-page factors. during this smartphone era, mobile phones are highly used worldwide. So, it’s important to create a mobile version website for traffic. But if you build a responsive design blog for all types of phones, it’s a plus point for your ranking. you recognize that 80% of users use the web using mobile phones or tablets immediately. So for future and current rankings, just think for mobile.

10. Reduce Blog Loading Speed

If your blog faster than competitors’ websites, your blog will rank first and obtain triple traffic. Because it’s one of the foremost important Google ranking factors. you’ll use the fastest servers, super fast themes, CDN services, etc. Compress your images perfectly to load pages fast. you’ll hire a specialist to enhance your blog’s technical issues. which will be a pleasant and definitive idea to hurry up the blog.

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11. Relevant Outbound Links

Relevancy one of the main things for any blog. If you think your blog will get authority, then just link to the higher authority blog. But you want to meet up with relevant articles with a no-follow tag. If you follow this, Google will understand that your post is said thereto article and rank fast. Avoid linking low-authority blogs or spam also.

12. Deep Internal Linking

Do you read Wikipedia articles? Did you saw their article structure? they’re using huge and deep internal linking for nice authority. you want to use internal links with great anchor text. It can improve your ranking too fast and reduce the bounce rate also.

13. Use LSI Keywords in Article

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) most vital keyword immediately. Because that drive extra traffic which you really need. Most readers search on Google for precise match results. If you’ve got this keyword, you’re lucky. In fact, these keywords also are called supporting keywords in SEO. Which actually great. If you thought that you simply challenge your competitors, firstly choose these amazing relevant LSI from the search results. That gone your blog to advance level era. Which a highly amazing and also important point of On-Page SEO.

14. Optimize Post Images

Find images recently one of the most famous things for people. They search on Google, Pinterest, Flickr, or another image program to urge definitive photos. In every post, you want to use a minimum of 1 but a related image. that draws readers to your post. In fact, you’ll get some extra traffic. But you want to use unique and compressed images also. Use better alter tags to highlights on the program. It completely helps to spice up image SEO also.

15. Limit Keyword Density

In the recent day, keyword stuffing was the foremost spamming method to urge ranking. Google highly marks these blogs using stuffing. you want to use limited and natural keywords in your articles. you’ll spend twenty main keywords on your content. That helps better. Keep the keyword within the first paragraph, last paragraph, H2 tag. you’ll highlights these points also.

Your Feedback

This on-page SEO thing is always good above all for ranking. you want to follow these important steps in your program Optimization formula. If you mistake here, you’ll lose everything. Because it’s the mother of starting SEO. Keep your discussion if you would like more help or other information.

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