Article writing is an art, it is not a cup of tea. Anyone can write an article. But everyone’s article won’t be qualified. Bloggers, freelance writers, copywriters, and other content creators often face a seemingly impossible task: creating a great article under a narrow deadline. To write a good and readable article one must improve his article writing skills.

As a freelance writer, no one can make huge money with complete articles and as a blogger. He will not be able to create an impression. You will be on the crowd list and can not go to the next level.

Many people struggle with writing English. In this article, I will talk about how to improve your article writing skills.

Article Writing Skills

We are in the age of the internet. Nowadays article writers who can generate good content in a short time period are in high demand. Here is a step-by-step guide full of great tips to improve article writing skills:

Expand vocabulary

To write an article in English one has to know the vocabulary. That does not mean that knowing a lot of words, it means being able to use them properly. When you learn a new word you should know all the forms of that word and the prepositions used with that.

Improve Grammar

Writing an article in English one has to be careful about grammar. Grammar is very important to improve article writing skills. To make your writing clear and fluent use Punctuation. 

Write In Simple Words

In your article keep your words simple. You think that It sounds smarter to use complex words but that’s not true.

In Online everyone wants his article in 1st to 10th-grade reading level. 

There is no need to write a blog post like your thesis paper for college. It will not help to get blog traffic or clients. It is better to write your article without fancy words and to use easy, effective words.

Write Content Everyday

Writing every day improves your writing skills. You need to practice writing every day to become a better writer and improve content writing skills. One can write about anything. You can write online content on a variety of topics. It helps you maintain your writing skills and helps you gain more writing experience for online visitors. You can write social media posts.  Start creating a post a day and write two or three sentences on what you’re promoting or doing on Facebook or Twitter.

Be A Good Reader

This is most important for a freelance writer or blogger. Or those who want to build their careers in writing or blogging. You have to be a good reader. This is another important thing to improve article writing skills. You will be able to know about your article and if you need to add or cut something. This will make your article beautiful and elegant. With it, your mind will allow you to create your thoughts on many topics and you will be able to write on your topics.

“You read what you write!”

Research On The Topic

Before you start writing an article, research the specific topic you are going to write about.

It will increase your knowledge of that topic. And you will be able to write freely and informatively. Having deep knowledge keeps you unique in this regard.

Note Down Research

It is important to write about a specific topic. Writing is not an easy task and cannot be completed in a single stage.

When researching a writing topic, you must keep a notebook and a pen with you. To note some dazzling sentences related to the subject. This will keep your readers interested in reading your articles.

This is a must-have for any professional freelance writer or blogger.

Note: You can also read How to write a SEO friendly article.

Cut Unnecessary Words In Article

The audience feels dissatisfied because of unnecessary lines and words. Make sure to remove all unnecessary words. Long sentences with too many words are frustrating for readers.

Submit Your Article to a Website, Magazine, or Contest

A great way to challenge yourself is to submit your article to different sites like Twitter. It motivates you to spend time because you want to submit your best work.

If your article is accepted, you may have the opportunity to work with an editor and you can learn to make your article more interesting.

Maybe you will be published in the magazine that you always dreamed of seeing your byline. Or you will successfully find a guest post on your favorite blog. Or you start less ambitious and look for smaller publications.

You will learn a lot from the process. And you can reach new audiences.

Write In A Silence Zone

This is another important thing for writing articles. No one can concentrate in a noisy area. So keep your desk in the silent zone of your house. And nothing can be put on the table that loses its focus. Writing in a silent area allows you to concentrate on your writing and helps you to improve your article writing skills. That way you can not district acted from your writing and you can come up with new ideas. Distractions can divert your mind and make you a worse writer.


If you follow the tips, your articles will look professional. You need to keep yourself motivated,  and that’s the key to a perfect career.


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